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CFD Instruments

At PrimeOT, we pride ourselves on providing the most state of the art platform for you to use.

Our platform has advanced features, from widgets and advanced graphs, to an economic calendar accessible from the platform, we give you the most up-to-date analysis, so you can make highly informed decisions regarding what direction the market is moving.

On our platform, we have several instruments. Each offers a unique opportunity and individual traders can explore different assets to see which is most profitable for them. We recommend that you try your hand at multiple instruments to see which ones will fit you the best.

Platform instruments


Currencies – Currency or Forex trading is a way to compare the strengths of two economies by weighing the demand for their associated currencies. FX orders consist of currency pairs, in which traders simultaneously buy and sell two sets of money, for example, EUR/USD. Traders make money when they buy the currency that increases in value when compared to the currency they sell. Traders with a focus on technical indicators often specialize in this asset class.


Cryptocurrencies – Computer programmers have created several digital currencies which are not subject to outside regulation. This type of currency or altcoin is created when teams solve complex cryptography puzzles, hence why they are called cryptocurrencies. The value of this type of digital asset is based solely on the open market’s assessment. These instruments have high volatility, which can lead to higher profits quickly.


Stocks – Stock prices reflect the market’s opinion of a particular corporation’s performance. A stock is a small piece of a company that has been put up for sale in order to raise capital. If the business is successful, the value of the stock increases. If the business fails, the stock’s price will fall. Traders often look at quarterly and annual earnings reports along with current market news to determine of a specific company is a good value.


Indices – While stocks represent the health of a single company, indices provide a picture of the performance of a country or region’s entire business environment. An index is made up of a basket of stocks that are chosen to give a more balanced overall target. For example, the DOW index is often used as an indicator of how the largest U.S. businesses are doing, since most major companies are included in its portfolio.


Commodities – While some goods and services are extremely unique, commodities are items which are available from a number of different sources, with little variance in appearance or quality. The value of a particular commodity is heavily dependent upon supply and demand, and things like weather conditions, social or political instability, or manufacturing needs can all cause fluctuations in price.


You can be on your way towards fulfilling your potential today by visiting our platform and trying out our popular instruments.

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